Sunday, November 8, 2015

Branding Guidelines with Infographics Make Easy Reference

As part of my responsibility of overseeing brand consistency in marketing materials at Bay Federal Credit Union, I developed a series of visual guides for both internal and external use. These "Quick Reference Guides" or "branding cheat sheets" could be consulted quickly and efficiently by just about anyone involved with projects that required branding consistency. These one-page publications were intended to referred to quickly and easily, be easily understood through the use of infographic-style explanations. They could be printed out and hung on cubicle walls, laminated, or put in binders for easy access.

I developed a flexible corporate color palette with just enough specificity to allow for an increased variety of materials to be produced which would maintain the corporate brand, yet be different enough as to not become stale too quickly. This color palette accommodates both print and web media by providing both CMYK and RGB alternatives in an easy to use visual guide.

Corporate color palette guidelines quick reference sheet
Along with print and web media color usage guidelines reference, we needed a reference guide to ensure proper use of the corporate logo. The visual reference below provides the guidelines for proper usage of the corporate logo in order to prevent inconsistent appearance across multiple marketing channels, media and vendors.

Logo usage visual quick reference sheet
The photographic resources used in marketing materials, ads, brochures and the like also needed some form of guidelines. In the "Photo Selection Guidelines" Quick Reference I developed, examples of typical and/or "acceptable" styles of images are shown. These styles of subject matter, composition and "mood" illustrate maintain the branding look and feel when used along with appropriate color palette and logo styles. This reference also describes the how and why of image composition when choosing images which need to be used in many different formats, sizes and orientations.

Photo selection guidelines sheet